Best eCommerce Platform Solutions for the Not Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs


Are you planning to launch an online store, but you are not a tech-savvy person? Read this article and find out the best e-commerce platform solutions for entrepreneurs as yourself!

Who would say that the internet technology will get to this level? The online retail industry is evolving every day with great innovations and advancements.

Did you know that over 70% of the shopping worldwide is happening trough online shops and e-commerce platforms? Of course, everyone prefers secured online payment and product delivery over going trough malls and physical vendors to find good merchandise.

So, let’s make it clear, you are not a tech-savvy person and you saw the opportunity to invest in an online retail business. Here we are going to list the best e-commerce platform solutions for you:

  1. Shopify – This is definitely the most popular and common eCommerce platform solutions where is easy to setup an online shop, regardless your business size, and start making profits. The platform offers pre-made store designs that will make your shop look awesome and it is equipped with a lot of features to boost your revenue and run promotions.
  1. BigCommerce – The number is almost 100k shops that run on BigCommerce is making this a really promising ecommerce platform for your online shop. They offer you the freedom to design your own and unique layout and to integrate the shop with social media and other promotion channels.
  1. Volusion – This intermediate level e-commerce platform requires some previous knowledge on operating portals and some level of coding experience. They offer a ton of features for scaling your business and the platform can let you operate with products from any niche.
  1. BigCartel Is the ideal e-commerce platform for individuals that want to sell online only a few products, and it’s free! It comes with a web builder that works on a drag-and-drop feature, The platform is optimized for SEO, managing your transactions and analytics.
  1. 3D Cart – These guys provide the general options with boosted possibilities for drop shipping, affiliate network marketing and much more. Their layouts are professional and user-friendly, optimized for mobile as well. Another great feature that this ecommerce platform solution is offering is the built-in Facebook online store so you can sell on Facebook directly.
  1. CoreCommerce – If you are aiming for the international marketplace, this is the solution you need. They offer great payment processors and muli-language help desk and on top of that, there are a lot of free pre-made layouts for your store.
  1. SquareSpace – Best option for the small businessman, artists or creatives. The platform offers you minimalistic online store where you can sell artistic stuff mostly, the layout is modern and narrowed on the product, while the pricing is fairly affordable for the services they provide.
  1. LemonStand – Have you heard of it? It’s an amazing platform that doesn’t have complex design options , yet it can be fully automated on almost all the processes of management, sales, and marketing. It’s an award-winning hosted e-commerce platform and new on the market, yet, it looks very promising and people believe it will soon crush Shopify.

So, there you have it, eight of the best-hosted e-commerce platforms for the not tech-savvy businessmen. Working with any solution of the ones we mentioned above will provide you with great experience and ease in building up your online store.

Did will left someone out? If you have other platforms that you consider should be on the list above, please contact us and share your experience.